Make a Contribution or a Payment

If you liked our free financial or bio-statistical calculators or our pages with graphical tools, please consider making a contribution to our limited liability company. Contributions will be used to cover operating costs, additional improvements to services provided, improvements to the website and for expansion of the business. You can also make additional voluntary payments  in appreciation of any features which you found useful.

If we provide you with consultation sessions, the rate per session is $60 (by check or by selecting 4 units using the payment button below). I allow deferred payment plans and I can provide my fee schedule on request for long term management of your assets.  We do not carry any advertising on our pages and our revenues are entirely from invoicing for consultations or user payments for website content.

I hope to contribute a portion of the proceeds after covering operating costs to oncology and educational charities as I grow my business. My annual operating costs run at about $200 to the low $1000’s, not including labor. I have averaged about 14 hours of work per week on writing, research and analysis for this website, evenly split between finance and statistics work.

Please send a note to for an address to send a check.