Tepee Examples

Examples of Tepees

Click on Distribution of Personnel in a Simulated Corporation for a Resource Tepee (US Patent # 7,495,673 B1) for a business as a whole. Click on Juxtaposition of CEO and Worker Compensation for a tepee of compensation for a business as a whole. Click on Full Time Equivalent Data for a Business Unit for a tepee for a business unit or department. Click on Outsourcing Cost Tepee for a tepee depicting the distribution of outsourcing costs across projects. Click on Laboratory Grade Shift Tepee for a tepee depicting shifts in safety labs from baseline. Click on Ebola Epidemic in Western Africa for a Tepee depicting the flare and containment of the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Click on Cancer Therapies Over Time for tepee plots depicting the usage of various regimens over time.