Graphical Tools

Introduction: A Fermat Inspired Artwork Whodunit

In a moment of inspiration a while back one of our partners got this picture in his head consisting of colorful coalesced trapezoids and triangles. This initially lead to a little whimsical artwork (inspired by the famous mathematician Fermat), a copy of which is attached. This idea which was set aside for a while began to occupy our thoughts and we decided to do something with it –we applied and obtained a patent for it and named this website after it. Links to applications of this graphical tool and others are provided below this picture.

Artwork inspired by the Mathematician Fermat

The tabs on this page look at three graphical tools. The first looks at a graphic called a Tepee plot derives from the patent and depicts structured tabular data. A number of applications are in the second tab such as those looking at organizational structure, cancer regimens over time and at the rise and containment of the Ebola outbreak.

The third tab looks at graphical nomograms for survival predictions. The fourth looks at longitudinal state transition and gene sample heat maps. If you appreciate our efforts and would like to make a contribution for any service we rendered though these pages on graphics, please do so at this link.