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We describe three graphical tools. The first page looks at a graphic called a Tepee plot which depicts  structured tabular data. A number of applications are in a second tab such as those looking at organizational structure, cancer regimens over time and at the rise and containment of the Ebola outbreak.

third page looks at graphical nomograms for survival predictions. The fourth looks at longitudinal state transition and gene sample heat maps. The following questions and answers pertain to our Tepee graphic.

Why would you do a resource tepee?

The Tepee (US patent 7,495,673 B1) provides a one page graphic to summarize structured tabular data, which can use an intuitive representation instead of the usual large spreadsheets. Many applications are possible as any table in rows and columns with any quantitative content and some natural or induced ordering can be displayed using a Tepee. Click on Ebola Epidemic in Western Africa for a Tepee depicting the flare and containment of the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Click on Laboratory Grade Shift Tepee for a tepee depicting shifts in safety labs from baseline. Click on Outsourcing Cost Tepee for a tepee depicting the distribution of outsourcing costs across projects.  Click on Cancer Therapies Over Time for tepees depicting regimes prescribed over time for multiple myeloma. In the organizational structure context, the resource tepee can help organizations make fair and ethical choices about resource distribution as it is tool which allows us to look at all levels and functions in an organization when making attrition, growth or reorganization decisions.

Where can I get code and instructions on generating the graphic?

I currently offer the product for free for all individual users – e-mail me at and I will send the code and instructions. The graphics in the Tepee Examples pages were developed using code in the R statistical programming language which is available for free from the CRAN website. You will receive instructions on downloading the R software and our sample program used to generate the graphic in the R interface. Some basic R skills are needed to run the programs, which, in our opinion are not too difficult to acquire. Licensing of this graphical method is available for others such as commercial software vendors, should there be interest.

What would be required to generate such a graphic?

This would either require the structured tabular matrix (called the resource utilization matrix in the context of organizational structure tepees) in a .csv or .xls file.  An example of a .csv data is in the following link. This data example generates the graphic on the following page. Other data that you pattern your .csv file against are in the Tepee Examples pages.

How can we reach you?

I welcome any questions or comments. You can reach me at 551-233-6768 or e-mail me at

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What other content is at your site?

We have a description of offerings for those seeking financial advice and some statistical tools and calculators. We have write-ups on topics in quantitative science and other odds and ends on this page.