Financial Advice

What is your operating philosophy?

Nice is Good!

Personal finance was a bit of an avocation and is now something I coach and teach others as a part-time fee based financial adviser. I do not manage investments (I will advice and recommend action) for those I counsel and my income is solely through hourly consulting fees and not based either on commissions from third parties for recommendations/transactions or a percent of your assets. Mine is more of a ‘teach a person to fish’ approach rather than a ‘feed a person a fish’ approach. You will learn to independently make choices and carry them through, now and in the future, rather than outsourcing your personal finance and staying dependent on experts. Further, there are plenty of charlatans who will take a good amount of your money through commissions and fees.

What do you charge for services?

You can choose to pay me at any rate, at or over a minimum of $10.00 per hour, depending on what you can afford and your satisfaction with services rendered. The payment portal is at this page.

How can I set up an appointment?

If you would like a consultation please leave me a message at 551-233-6768 or a note at with some details on what you would like to meet me about. I have a day job as an oncology bio-statistician and can accommodate about 4 to 8 financial advice sessions in a week and you can expect to meet me at a suitable public place (Public libraries, Cafes, Malls) or through Skype on weeknights or weekends.

What are your qualifications?

My qualifications include an MBA, completion of three levels of a chartered financial analyst program and a good number of years as a middle-class working stiff managing money, saving for retirement, paying mortgage and saving for my children’s college much like the rest of the 99%!

What can you help me with?

I can help you with personal finance issues such as banking, credit cards and other debt. I have expertise in investments in your retirement plans, ROTH and traditional IRAs, 529 plans, stock options and stock grants, ESOP and tax efficient investing strategies. Other areas where I can counsel you include insurance, estate planning and social security. I have from time to time done some excel calculators which have been helpful to me and others. These should help you gauge areas where I have proficiency. The first calculator looks at various options open to a US investor and looks at how one after tax dollar grows over time. The second  looks at credit card debt. The third compares 401-K loans to bank loans. The fourth  looks at optimal bond+stock portfolios. The fifth  provides marginal tax rates in the US.  The last evaluates relative value of gifting versus bequeathing excess assets.

What other content is at your site?

We have details on some graphical tools and some statistical tools. We have a set of calculators at this page to help you evaluate the merit of reported statistical inferences given a non-replicability epidemic in published data. We have write-ups on topics in statistics, psychology and current affairs including one on a guide to the uninitiated clinical trial statistician, a discussion on guided meditation, a little stats 101 for observational studies , a riff on the universe as a simulation, details on the enneagram personality profile, a poem on the coming of spring, on profiling, on artificial intelligence, on understanding thought voices and a write-up on ecological fallacies in statistics.