Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services do you offer?

I offer financial advice, statistical graphics and tools and this mix of services comes from my dual passion in personal finance and in biostatistics. My website has a number of calculators to help with financial decisions and also calculators for biostatisticians and pharmaceutical scientists. I have a patented graphical method that I currently offer for free for those in academia and research. The licensing of this graphical method is available for purchase for others at a nominal annual rate.

Where are the answers for questions about your services?

Click the hyperlink for FAQs for financial advice services, statistical graphics, and biostatistical tools.

How can we reach you?

I welcome any questions or comments. You can reach me at 551-233-6768 or e-mail at

Contribute if you like

If you appreciate our efforts and would like to make a contribution for any service we rendered through our site, please do so at this link.

Below is an artwork based on an incorrect formula I once used on an undergraduate physics exam. Now three graduate programs later I think I may be a little smarter and you probably should rely on my calculators and my financial advice. Quantitative skills and the teaching about data and numbers are my forte and you will find the financial and statistical calculators in this web site and any financial advice appropriate and helpful.