Personal Finance Lectures

The pages in this tab contain a series of lectures on personal finance. These lectures are partly based on the writer’s experiences, his learnings over time through the use of various tax-sheltered retirement plans and investment vehicles through employers and from IRS publications, professional training through an MBA program and readings for the three testing levels of a chartered financial analyst program.

The first titled “Personal Finance for the Young or helpful advice Older Adults can offer Young People”, looks at banking as part of an overall savings strategy and brings in a discussion on budgeting and on creating a savings buffer. We bring in a look at investing through a discussion on interest rates.

The second is titled “Personal Finance for the Working Stiff”, starts off with descriptions of types of securities, retirement and similar “Grow Tax-Free” accounts, Corporate stock incentives, and recommendations on choices between those when allocating savings.

The third flips the title of the first and goes “Personal Finance for the Old and Helpful Advice Younger People can offer the Old.” This looks at estate planning tools like wills and trusts and evaluates the relative merit of gifting assets while living versus bequeathing at death to charities and other beneficiaries.

The approach advocated here likely has a somewhat risk-averse conservative bias influenced by the author’s immigrant background and an initial rocky career path coming out of graduate school. However, a few decades back, the approaches described in these series of lectures would have been considered somewhat risky given a middle class not yet socialized into investing in market securities.

We start at an intuitive higher level and drill down to a degree of detail without losing perspective. This holistic approach can help as one can easily overemphasize certain aspects of a financial strategy such as a pre-payment of mortgages, or a brokerage trading strategy, to the detriment of other aspects of a more balanced personal finance strategy. Consult us for a further drill down, than that provided in these lectures, on an aspect of personal finance that you may be ignoring. You can reach us at or at 551-233-6768 for personalized advice or a group course offering. Details on our fee schedule are in the FAQ page.