Make a Contribution or a Payment

If you liked our free financial or bio-statistical calculators or our pages with graphical tools, please consider making a contribution to our limited liability company. Contributions will be used to cover operating costs, additional improvements to services provided, improvements to the website and for expansion of the business. If we provided you hourly consultations, you can choose to pay me at any rate, at or over a minimum of $10.00 per hour, depending on what you can afford and your satisfaction with services rendered.

I hope to contribute a portion of the proceeds after covering operating costs to oncology and educational charities as I grow my business. My annual operating costs run at about $200 to the low $1000’s, not including labor. I have had one person make a contribution of $25. This year I cancelled the advertising by Google which I had on my website for a while and requested Google for a payment of the balance they owed of about $70.00. I was hoping to have that come in so that  I could report a 280% (70/25) year to year revenue growth like all successful dot coms! However my google account has been reset and no payment has been made to date. Inspired by Google I am thinking of resetting all my utility accounts and stopping payment – you know we individuals are people too and not just corporations!

Just joking Google mega corporation! Please don’t squelch and squash me for impertinence (don’t be evil)! I am thankful for all the free apps and storage I get from you. Our CEO (ahem – myself!) has much in common with your current one Mr. Sundar Pichai – both of us graduated from the IIT’s in India and both of us were Metallurgical Engineers (I will not mention that he went to Stanford after that). And we have a similar motto ”Nice is Good!”

You can click the button below to make a contribution or a payment, without the presumption that this gives you any kind of a “skin in my game”.