Poet in Space Time

Frayed Rope from: https://www.istockphoto.com

Free will is something we appear to have.

If you are a believer, you know that a lot of your fervent prayers remain unanswered. Perhaps the God (s) (pardon me – I am polytheistic – hence the plural) believe in our right to make our own choices, and encourage personal responsibility, by being passive observers. But wouldn’t the Gods be torn between allowing us free will and preventing something like a nuclear holocaust. There are plenty of other contexts where intervention would prevent us from rushing headlong into the annihilation of much of life. Wouldn’t the Gods, who transcend all limitations, on seeing our actions leading to catastrophe, travel back to our times to deny us our free will and move us along alternate paths into the future.

If you believe, like Elon Musk does, that we are all living in a simulation, then wouldn’t the One (or Many) running the simulation, aware of dystopic futures (and having suitable enlightened motivations), be inclined to have our futures split away at many points in time and in many ways to avoid such stalemates – leaving us all in different pathways through space and time. One might travel back in time to terminate the President Kennedy macro prematurely to see if that might prevent some gross outcome which occurred in the future (or for some narrow future partisan gain by someone malicious). Perhaps it is Physics together with artificial intelligence which might be able to engineer the past. As with the Great Simulator or through the Gods, we are likely left with multiple timelines in which we live our lives.

The frayed rope image

The image above of a frayed rope conveys what could be happening. Each fiber is a path we live in, unaware of all of our other parallel lives, and these often terminate abruptly, and some continue on, possibly recombining. Think of it like the large monopolies of the previous century, such as AT&T, being splintered, with some surviving and some coalescing once again. A passage through a mass extinction or a nuclear holocaust would probably be Life hanging on a frayed rope like the one pictured. Perhaps it is neither the Gods, nor the simulations or physics which might leads to such parallel lives in parallel universes but something like evolution – Life creating a profusion of pathways in space time so that it perpetuates and continues, though some pathways may have dead ends while many meeting some cosmic fitness criteria, survive.

Free will is something we appear to have.

Perhaps we don’t. Quoting Shakespeare

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts”

We may all be actors – playing our parts. Maybe we are allowed to improvise a little. Scripts from Playwrights, from the past and the future, lead us through space and time and through tranquility and pain.

Kavi (poet) in space time

Wraiths from the past and the future,
silent as night
creeping across sheer embankments,
shredding innocent tranquility.

The calm rapids of fate move
inexorably towards dawn.
The bitter sweet moon shines
and the Oarsman steers on.

On shimmering bouncing currents,
with oscillating grey beaches
and gliding rocks, the kavi laughs
with the river- no more, no less.