I am blessed by the Gods and Goddesses or perhaps even by the Divine Ardhanarishvara with a little intuition and understanding because I am stupid enough to write about it. This section contains some brief write-ups which readers may find interesting. The commentaries share some common themes but expect some inconsistencies. My wife and children complain that I often say one thing and quite the opposite shortly after. Sometimes I can say absolutely nothing rather assertively.

Features I have written up are listed under four tabs under commentaries. Hyperlinks provided here to all the pages and tabs may help the user navigate to these pages on smaller devices more easily than through the drop-down menu. The first tab on quantitative science includes a page on a guide to the uninitiated clinical trial statistician, a little stats 101 for observational studies , a riff on the universe as a simulation and on the ‘slag and smoke‘ of statistics. The second  tab titled mind matters has a discussion on guided meditation, a free holistic graphic for the enneagram personality typology and on understanding thought voices.

Under science and society we have a poem on the coming of spring,  some thoughts on profiling and data, a poem on space time, and an essay on artificial intelligence. In a section renaissance man cave we include a recipe for a pancake sauce set to read like a scientific manuscript style guide and one for a diddle diddle dumpling sauce for little John (even when he has just one shoe on).

Bookmarks from my daughter -- Christmas 2017.

Bookmarks from my daughter — Christmas 2017.