I am blessed by the Gods and Goddesses or perhaps even by the Divine Ardhanarishvara with a little intuition and understanding because I am stupid enough to write about it. This section contains some brief write-ups which readers may find interesting. The commentaries share some common themes but expect some inconsistencies. My wife and children complain that I often say one thing and quite the opposite shortly after. Sometimes I can say absolutely nothing rather assertively.

Features I have written up include one on a guide to the uninitiated clinical trial statistician, a discussion on guided meditation, a little stats 101 for observational studies , a riff on the universe as a simulation, a poem on the coming of spring,  some thoughts on profiling and data, a poem on space time, on artificial intelligence, on the ‘slag and smoke‘ of statistics and on understanding thought voices.

Bookmarks from my daughter -- Christmas 2017.

Bookmarks from my daughter — Christmas 2017.